Research and Development


Innovation is LOGICON’s core

Innovation and research are currently the primary goals every modern and fully-developed company should pursue to get a position on a continuously growing market.

Logicon invests in a team of technicians and experts focused on the research and development of new technologies and technical solutions.

The research center deals with the design of machines and the carrying-out of new data processing systems to be installed onto new plants as well as onto the existing ones for their optimization.

The studied then adopted technical and technological solutions have promoted the production systems improvement, the consumptions reduction, the efficiency and the production lines profitability.


Logicon Robotic Technology (LRT) is the technology applied to the development of high-performance Robots with unique features.

The robots designed with LRT technology are a total solution featuring components of MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, recognized as a world leader for its high-quality products.

Thanks to the know-how acquired during the twenty-year experience in the robotic handling field, Logicon has been able to design and carry-out a new technology to make the use easier, the flexibility and the integration of Robots on the machines in a simple and fast way.



Complete integration with the
hardware installed on the machine

The PLC and the Robot are two peas in a pod, improving the timing required for the software development, testing and installation. With the “fully integrated” solution, the PLC as well as the Robot remote assistance and debugging can be carried out in a simple and safe way.


Lowest cost for
maximum efficiency

Robots featuring LRT technology are designed based on criteria of easy-use and minimum maintenance, optimizing the customer’s autonomy.


For materials
and components

Only the highest quality materials and components are used. During the installation, all necessary controls are set up to ensure the development of a high-range robotic technology.