Robotics in service of packaging

Logicon offers automatic and flexible palletizers, customizable based on the kind of packaging to be handled.

Over time, advances in technology have increased the importance of optimizing packaging lines, with a view to fast process and accurate results.

The skillful application of robotics and automation in the end-of-line systems produced by Logicon ensures high performance in short times, by creating total solution systems, where the PLC and the robot installed in the machines are two peas in a pod.


Each Logicon palletizer meets customers’ individual needs, the particularities of the carton,
its placement on the pallet and the required performance.

All models are gained by using cutting-edge technologies, which allow the production of units characterized by high performance and great precision. The interface software is designed
to make the use of the plants simple and intuitive, without restrictions on the management
and on the inclusion of new products.

The equipment layout is designed together with the customer, to evaluate the available
spaces and the performance to be achieved. The application of high-precision robots
and automation as well as the use of high-quality construction materials make Logicon
palletizers a reliable and highly efficient product.