After Sales


Constant monitoring

The Assistant Service is not limited to scheduled maintenances and sending technicians when an incident occurs.

Logicon machines and plants are manufactured with software that constantly controls the conditions of the system. Thanks to electronic and remote assistance, most of the risky situations can be solved quickly.

The Spare Parts Department guarantees the availability of spare pieces in a short time.

Logicon team also provides staff training on site, to allow the use of the installed machines and plants autonomously and safely.

A solid and organized after-sales service, which constantly assists its customers after the purchase of the plants.

Preventive maintenance

The maintenances regularity allows the works planning avoiding emergencies.

Logicon Service Department can prepare a customized maintenance plan, not only to ensure the full functionality of the system according to the production cycles but also to reduce the costs.

Technical interventions are planned together with customers, combining preventive maintenance work and periodical checks on the condition of single machines or entire lines.

Constantly instructed and trained, Logicon technicians make interventions on customers’ machines and lines, always collaborating with the corporate headquarters, replacing all the worn-out parts, or carrying out the necessary repairs.

At the end of the maintenance, Logicon technicians carry out the start-up of the equipment to check its functionality and operation. This ensures efficiency and sustainability over time.

Spare Parts

Quality and efficiency

Logicon has developed an accurate and specific organization, to supply spare parts quickly.

The Spare Parts Department deals with customers’ requests and, in collaboration with the Service Department, shares and schedules the maintenances.

This, to anticipate and manage the interventions according to the production cycles of the plans.

All the spare parts are made of high-quality materials and are checked before shipment.

Thanks to the properly stocked warehouse located at the headquarters and electronically controlled by “STAR Pegaso 5000” system, most of the spare parts are easily available and ready for shipment in a short time.



Over 500 shipments per year

Fast shipments, thanks to the immediate availability of spare parts at the central warehouse and the guarantee of availability over the time.


Over 100 interventions per year

Not only scheduled interventions, but also periodic checks of the general conditions of the plants as well as interventions optimization.


In over 20 Countries

The technical expertise of Logicon specialists reaches our customers all over Europe.



Remote diagnostics

The software installed on Logicon machines performs remote diagnostics of the equipment. In this way the electronic engineers guarantee an after-sales service in a prompt and effective way.

The specialized personnel can also carry out operating simulations for the operational verification of the systems.

Each machine is equipped with a database containing all the variables, which allows the eventual transfer of data to management systems or external records.

Always close to customers

The Service Department covers all kinds of immediate needs.

Logicon qualified staff supplies customers with remote and telephone assistance.

When problems cannot be solved with a phone call, Logicon electronic technicians access the machines software via the Internet and with the use of a “remote access”, carry out some quick and detailed examinations of the situations, identifying the problems and solving them online and in very short times.

Through the “remote access”, modifications can be made directly on the systems, thus preventing, and avoiding future interventions.

To save time and money, a global service agreement can be drawn up to guarantee both phone support and remote assistance in a full package.


Autonomy and safety

Logicon develops autonomous processing systems with simple and intuitive procedures.

During the installation or commissioning phase, or upon request, Logicon qualified technicians carry out the training to the customer’s personnel on site, in order to guarantee a correct, safe and simple use of the installed machines.

During the installation, Logicon’s specialized personnel explain the functionality of the plant by analyzing the flowsheet and the user and maintenance manual.